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LiveClean Germany

German Social Media

Our LiveClean ambassadors in Germany are currently working towards expanding the knowledge of the services we provide, so that german youth dare to contact help when necessary.

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LiveClean Greece

Greeek Social Media

LiveClean is now working with a local LiveClean ambassador in Greece to create a greek version of our platforms that will be released shortly!

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LiveClean Portugal

Portuguese Social Media

LiveClean has, as a result of the legalisation of cannabis in Portugal, decided to create guides to help-organizations so that the Portuguese youth can use our products efficiantly.


LiveClean Spain

Spanish Social Media

As LiveClean Ambassadors now exist in Spain, we will work with educating Spanish youth of the risks cannabis as the drug becomes both legalised and socially accepted.

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LiveClean Great Britain

Brittish Social Media

LiveClean now has an ambassador in Great Britain who, driven by the desire to create positive change in society, will manage LiveClean in the UK.

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LiveClean Sweden

Swedish Social Media

LiveClean is releasing the Swedish version of the LiveClean app within the following two weeks, letting Sweden become the starting-point for what is to become a global product.