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Los Angeles

LiveClean California

We are releasing a edited version of the LiveClean website in Florida that take local laws and insurance into consideration, togeether with our LiveClean ambassador starting the LiveClean-California social media.

California Social Media

LiveClean Massachusets

We are working towards encouraging youth in Massachusetts to contact alarm centers in the event of misfire's as well as emergency situations through our local ambassador and the local social media.

Massachusets Social Media

LiveClean Florida

LiveClean is currently establishing relationships with a local LiveClean ambassador in Florida in order of creating a tailor-made version of our platforms for Florida.

Florida Social Media

LiveClean Nebraska

LiveClean is currently working on marketing campaigns in Nebraska in order of spreading the knowledge of the services we provide, so that youth dare to contact us when necessary.

Nebraska Social Media

LiveClean Maryland

LiivClean Ambassadors in Maryland are working towards spreading knowledge on the help we provide through our new social media in Maryland.

Maryland Social Media
New York-kontor

LiveClean New York

We are working towards creating cooperation with local help-organizations in New York to make contact wiith them through us more efficient.

New York Social Media

LiveClean Utah

As cannabis is being legalised in Utah, we at LiveClean are working towards expanding the knowledge among youth on how weed affects a persons life and family, as well as how to handle misfire's and the risk of them occuring.

Utah Social Media
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LiveClean Montana

The combination of lockdown and cannabis legalised has increased the percentage of youth experiencing misfire's, thus we at LiveClean are working towards educating on how to handle these emergency situations in Montana.

Montana Social Media
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LiveClean Nevada

LiveClean has recruited a new LiveClean ambassador in Nevada who will work towards creating a tailor-made version of our websiite and social media locally.

Nevada Social Media